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At Vera Clinic, we believe in the art of beauty. Conceived in 2013 by some of Turkey’s leading surgeons, our expert team offer one of the best hair transplant and cosmetic surgery hospitals in Europe.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, we continue to seek world-class resources from across the globe, offering leading innovation within our field. We have developed a series of emerging treatments such as Sapphire FUE and the Oxycure Therapy, as well as offer highly rated and renowned techniques to our patients who stem from all continents.

Whether you’re looking for a specialist hair transplant in Turkey or a medical aesthetic or cosmetic surgery procedure, the experts at Vera Clinic can help.

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    At Vera Clinic, we’re one of the highest rated hair clinics and cosmetic surgery hospitals in Turkey. 


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    We can help to arrange VIP transport to and from the airport, as well as to our hair clinic for your treatment.


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    We are able to offer translation services to assist you during your trip. We speak your language!

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    We will provide you with all of the medication and care that you require as part of your journey.


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    To ensure that your cosmetic procedure is healing correctly, we offer regular checkups with our expert team.


    We believe in value and quality over quantity, which is why we offer a guarantee on our treatments.

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    We will provide consistent advice post-procedure on additional treatments which may assist with your long-term results.

    Hair & Cosmetic Specialists In Turkey

    Achieve the results that you dream of with a professional treatment at our hair clinic in Turkey or our specialist cosmetic surgery hospital. With a range of different treatments to suit different hair types and body types, our specialists will work with you to establish the best approach to provide you with optimum results.

    At Vera Clinic, you can be sure that you are in the best hands. Each of our surgeons at our hair clinic and hospital are leading specialists who have extensive experience providing effective solutions for a wide range of patients. To us, our treatments are more than just a procedure, it’s an art form. We have an eye for fine details and ensure everyone that visits our hair clinic leaves with their expectations met, cementing our reputation as a leading hair clinic in Turkey.

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    Success Stories At Our Hair Clinic In Turkey

    Expert Treatments at Vera Clinic

    Hair loss is an extremely common occurrence among both men and women of many ages which often affects confidence levels. Alopecia and genetic hair loss are common conditions that prompt visits to our hair clinic in Turkey. Our hair specialists are very familiar with the types of hair loss and recommend suitable treatments to best tackle your concern. Visiting our hair clinic in Turkey can be a truly life changing experience.

    The most popular treatment offered here at Vera Clinic is our FUE transplant, a non-surgical approach to treating hair loss, offering a 99% success rate. However our expert team are on hand to discuss your options in detail.

    In addition to our popular hair loss treatments, we also offer a wide range of further cosmetic treatments to help you feel your best.

    Our dental aesthetic specialists undertake a variety of cosmetic orthodontics including Hollywood Smile treatment and surgical dental treatments such as corrective jaw surgery and dental implants.

    We also offer cosmetic surgery, with procedures including tummy tucks and breast lifts. Our clinic is a one stop shop to provide you with a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help you to achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of.

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