About Us

Vera Clinic is one of the best hair transplant and cosmetic surgery hospitals in Europe that was conceived in 2013 by Turkey’s leading hair transplant surgeons.

Operating from Istanbul in Turkey, Vera Clinic has become a prominent hub of attraction for health tourists seeking world-class resources from all around the world.

Since it’s foundation and under the hands of our medical team, Vera Clinic has witnessed the transformation of 23,000 patients, each with a different story that began within the walls of our hospital.

The sincere passion for the field has allowed Vera Clinic to contribute to the sector of hair transplant Turkey with multiple groundbreaking inventions.

In nearly a decade since it’s foundation, the Vera Clinic research team led by surgeon Kazim Sipahi tipped the scales on a regional level with the original innovation of both the Sapphire FUE and OxyCure techniques.

The fruits of the sincere and honest work Vera Clinic provides reflects on its patients, where the hospital has the highest satisfaction rates on google.

Our Vision

With dedication, transparency, and an exceptional team, Vera Clinic sprinkles it’s individual touch of professionalism on hair transplant in Turkey. We aim to add unique value to the experience and fully master it as an art to help many achieve their vision and manifest their dreams.

Our vision is to make Vera Clinic a reliable brand for trust and excellence in the field of hair transplants, on both, a national and an international level, and to be a primary representative of Turkish excellence in healthcare to the world. To make our vision a reality, we aim to enhance our services through an approach focused on continual training of our staff and persistent development of our technologies, and adopting the highest standards of quality.

Throughout our professional journey, we are committed to developing and innovating hair transplant techniques to optimize results and further satisfy patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the hair transplant and cosmetic surgery industry and to leave a solid print in the medical field with our constant contributions.

Through our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with cutting edge technologies, we seek to earn a reputation for consistent and outstanding patient care. For every individual patient that seeks our medical expertise, we promise to make their every visit as rewardable and satisfactory as possible.

With a medical crew of high caliber, we ensure to combine art and medical skills together for natural-looking results that exceed expectations.

Our Inventions

As a leading hair transplant hospital, we explore aspects of the field that have been overlooked and are always willing to test new waters because it’s within our code to attain unprecedented success on a global level. Some of our inventions include the following:

The Sapphire FUE

A twist on the conventional FUE technique created Sapphire FUE. This technology allows surgeons to have higher precision through its see-through blades. The minuscule size of the blades allows for more implantations per session owing to the agility it provides. Likewise, it becomes possible to implant follicles compactly giving a denser thicker look.

The OxyCure Technique

OxyCure technique is a novel treatment that had a groundbreaking impact after its launch. The technique shifts the statistics of follicular survival. Instead of the average 70% survival between follicles, OxyCure supplies the follicles with nutrients and oxygen in the early days of the surgery which boosts the survival rate to a whopping 98%. Giving patients a thicker denser look after recovery.

Why Vera Clinic

1.State-of-the-art hospital

Our hospital building is designed exclusively to cater to our standards as a pioneer of hair transplants as a science and an art.

Vera Clinic hospital is equipped with all the cutting-edge technologies necessary for diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. Our operation theaters are instilled with the latest devices in the field to ensure your welfare throughout the procedure.


At Vera Clinic we integrate artistry into the profession and train our team from early on to perceive hair transplant as an art and not just a hair restoration treatment. The hairline and it’s design play a crucial role in altering facial structures and this understanding is what makes our results stand out from our competitors. Every hair transplant operation we perform is conducted carefully with an artists’ eye for detail and skill that complements the artistic vision of the physician.


We believe that every patient has the right to seek treatment regardless of their background. We also believe in value and quality over quantity. Our health tourism operations connect people from all around the world’s hair transplant center. With luxury services in a sophisticated setting, you can get your hair transplant performed by Turkey’s leading surgeons.

Why Turkey

1- The Biggest Medical Tourism Industry

About 50,000 health tourists from all the regions of the world visit Turkey monthly for hair transplants to seek world-class medical care.

2- A Captivating Country For A Memorable Vacation

Many choose to travel to Turkey for medical tourism owing to its captivating nature, breath-taking scenery, and unique culture that make it an ideal destination for healing. Patients like to spend a few days after surgery taking in all the charm in Istanbul and wandering between the history-rich walls.

3- Affordable prices

The average hair transplant cost is around $15,000 in the UK and the USA. And in Europe costs can be around $8500. Whereas in Turkey it would be around $2500 and even less. Patients are jumping on this opportunity to spend the money saved on a once in a lifetime vacation in Turkey.