Face Lift and Neck Lift

Clinically referred to as rhytidectomy and lower rhytidectomy respectively, face and neck lift are surgical procedures where the underlying facial muscles are lifted and tightened for the purpose of reducing age related signs on the face, such as wrinkles, and to restore a youthful appearance. In addition to eliminating wrinkles, rhytidectomy surgery is used to enhance the prominence of the jaw bone giving the patient a sharper more defined jaw line.

The face is a very sensitive area of the body to operate on, and our team at Vera Clinic understands that. We thereby; are careful to exclusively work with very accomplished and practiced surgeons who possess the required skills to carry out facial surgeries such as precision, focus, and extraordinary attention to details.

Face Lift and Neck Lift Recovery and Results:

Patients are expected to resume normal daily activities within two weeks of the surgery. Swelling and bruising will reach its threshold 4 days into recovery and will gradually decrease from there on. The results of the surgery will begin to appear a month after surgery, and any residual swelling will have disappeared, leaving behind a very natural looking youthful face and neck.


A face lift surgery can take anywhere between 3 to 4 hours to be completed.

Factors Determining Candidacy:

The surgeons and technicians will make the final decisions regarding our patient’s candidacy upon consultation, but in general the defining factors include:Skin elasticity:

The elasticity of the patient’s skin is crucial factor in this surgery as the procedure works by tightening the skin to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, so having skin that can adapt to contouring is important for better results and quicker healing time.

Aesthetic Goals:

Upon consultation the surgeons at Vera Clinic will determine whether the desired aesthetic goals of the patient can be achieved via alternative treatments that are not surgical or whether a face lift is the only option.

Strong Bone Structure:

Patients with stronger underlying bone structures are more likely to be considered ideal candidates for face lift surgery. The support provided by pronounced well-defined facial structures can have significant contributions to satisfying results.Patients with less prominent bone structure, should consider facial implant as an alternative or additional surgery to face lift.

Good Physical Health:

Seeing as a face lift is a considerably invasive surgery, patients are required to be in good health to avoid future complications. Patient suffering from any pre-existing medical conditions should notify their surgeons to avoid any health risks after the surgery.


The doctors at Vera Clinic will prescribe the required medications and provide the patients with all the information needed to ensure a comfortable recovery.