Facial Fillers

Facial Fillers refers to the application of either synthetic or naturally occurring material to enhance problematic regions and hide visual defects without harming the body.

The treatment of facial fillers is effective in counteracting appearing wrinkles and restoring volume and fullness around the face.

Where are Fillers Used?

Around the nose and mouth to correct laugh lines (Nasolabial Lines).

On the lips to add volume and give plumpness.

Around the mouth to raise lip corners or remove radial lines and wrinkles.

Around the eyes to remove wrinkles and under-eye bags.

Near the eyebrows to provide a boost of lifting effect.

On the face to remove acne scars and eclipse deformities caused by accidents or physical trauma.

Around the cheekbone to add prominence and definition.

On the chin to give it volume, definition, and length.

On the nose as a non-surgical correction technique.

To correct asymmetrical issues on the face.