Plexr Plasma

What is Plexr Plasma?

Plexr Plasma is an Italian innovation that falls under plasma technologies. The technology is a substitute for various surgical procedures such eyelid correction, a procedure medically referred to as blepharoplasty surgery. Other surgical procedures Plexr plasma could replace include face and neck lift, and scar removal procedures.

The plasma in Plexr is obtained when inert gases lose their electrons. The high energy substance has immense benefits in cosmetic treatments.

The device ionizes gas particles sandwiched between the needle and the skin. The electric arc that forms vaporises unwanted skin and cells on the surface, and unearths new skin with better properties.

The effects of Plexr on the skin are not limited to melting away older cells. But the impacts of treatment cause the skin to contract and tighten as well as trigger collagen production.

Additional uses of Plexr include, removing of keloid scars, moles, and skin tags.

Plexr Plasma Applications:

Non-surgical (bleforaplasty) eyelid operation

Above lip lines

Lines around the eyes

On-hand age spots

How Is Plexr Plasma Applied?

The Plexr Plasma treatment has an overall duration of 30 to 60 minutes. The procedure begins with the application of numbing cream to make the process absolutely painless. You may experience slight heat sensations or tingling after treatment.

The treated area will also be red, and carbon crust will appear. Do not touch the area for 7 days.